Intermediate and Advanced Obedience

Participating in a group/class setting offers many benefits in the training of your pets. Students are able to train in an environment that offers real-world distractions with immediate feedback from an effective teacher.

We do recognize that not all dogs will benefit from group lessons so we also offer private lessons to address specific issues and concerns.

Group classes are offered on Tuesday evenings at 6:15 at the City Park Pavilion in Parkersburg, WV.  Lessons cover Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Stand, and Come. Basic Obedience  is a two month course. 

These classes are also offered 7:15 to 9:00 pm. Higher level classes incorporate perfecting all the basic lessons as well as keeping your dogs attention, off lead training, retrieving, jumping, hand signals and scent work.



Private Lessons

Instructor Don Miller has over 35 years experience in training all breeds of dogs.  He has earned 18 AKC titles on his own personal dogs as well as teaching 100's of students and their pets. As a well decorated trainer, Don enjoys teaching students how to create and foster a working relationship with their 4-legged family members.

Basic Obedience


Private lessons are scheduled on an individual basis.

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Don and Kay Miller

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